Subway Surfers in Berlin

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What is Subway Surfers in Berlin?

Subway Surfers in Berlin

With our awesome category of Subway Surfers Games online you can now explore some of the coolest cities in the world, no doubt about it, and we're very excited that you are getting this chance right at this moment when all of you are invited to enjoy its latest addition, a game called Subway Surfers in Berlin.

Surf through the subways of Berlin, right now!

Just as usually, you are caught doing graffiti on the railways, but this time you are in Berlin, and trust us when we say that you don't want the Berlin cops to catch you, so surf through the metro and escape!

Use the right and left arrow keys to duck into these two directions, so that you avoid obstacles, which can be roadblocks, trains, and others, if you need to jump over them, press the up arrow, and press the down arrow if you want to slide underneath them.

Not only are you trying to make a distance as big as possible through the Berlin railways, but you should also try to collect as many coins as possible along the way too, and increase your score even further.

Good luck, and if this category is up to your tastes, come back tomorrow too, when even more awesome games will be brought over to it, only for you!

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How to play?

Use the arrows.