Subway Surfers Beijing

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What is Subway Surfers Beijing?

Subway Surfers Beijing

The World Tour you can take part in by playing new Subway Surfers Games online on our website is not going to end very soon, since there are plenty more new games like that for us to bring you all, just like you will see right now when our team is glad to share with you the game called Subway Surfers Beijing!

Surf through the subways of Beijing, China's capital city!

As you might have gotten used to with these games, begin by entering the year and month you were born. Then you will take one of the characters, all graffiti fans, and surf through the metro lines to avoid getting caught by the police people who saw you painting the walls.

You will use the arrow keys for that, pressing right and left to run into those directions, up to jump, and down to slide, using these movements to avoid the obstacles. Hitting too many obstacles slows you down and allows you to get caught.

So, don't let yourself be outrun, but make a distance as big as possible, collect coins along the way to increase your score, and if you see power-ups, make sure to grab and use them to your advantage!

Good luck, enjoy, and we hope to see you stick around for even more fun as only here you can have it, you won't regret it in the least!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys.