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What is Pienado?


There is still lots more fun you could be having with our new Odd Squad Games online, something we are bent on proving to you right at this moment when our administrative team invites you all to have plenty of fun with Pienado, where the Squad needs your help to use maths, science, and the logical brain to deal with a tornado made out of pies. Yes, you read that right, so get ready for an experience like none others before it!

Can you help save people from the tornado of pies?

This is a game where you learn about shapes, use them, and interact with them, something for which you only need to use the mouse. On each level, you have an image of a tornado, and you will have a certain shape that needs to be filled with the shapes around you.

Find the right spots where the shapes would be filled inside the brackets, and when all of them have been placed, and the image is completed, the level is done, so it is kind of like solving a puzzle.

Only you and the Odd Squad can deal with a tornado of pies, so we hope that you will accept this mission right now, and enjoy your time here a lot!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.