Subway Surfers Zurich

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What is Subway Surfers Zurich?

Subway Surfers Zurich

We plan on giving you the chance to travel the whole world in our series of Subway Surfers Games online for browsers you can find on our website, which is the reason why right at this moment our administrative team is delighted to share with you the game called Subway Surfers Zurich, where you visit this very important city in Switzerland!

Explore Zurich in Switzerland with the Subway Surfers!

A weird and bloated yellow creature is following you through the tracks of Zurich, and you have to avoid the trains, roadblocks, and any other kinds of obstacles in the way, in order to advance a big distance, and increase your score along the way by collecting as many coins as possible.

To avoid obstacles but also collect coins, use the arrow keys to duck, jump, and slide. If you find power-ups and upgrades on the road, make sure to go through them and collect them, since they are going to be of great help in improving all your stats!

It's never been more simple and more fun to play endless running games online on our website, and we hope that this is far from the final game you play in this category!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys.