Million Cents

23.07.2021 962 3 votes

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What is Million Cents?

Million Cents

Every day on our website, fans of slots games are delighted to see at least one brand new game from this category, and this is the case today as well when we are also delighted to share with you an awesome game like Million Cents, which is a virtual slot machine where you need not worry about losing any money, since it is not real, but only have fun trying to earn more!

Get cent after cent to build your fortune!

The items of this slot are quite normal for the genre, having items such as 7, Cherries, BAR, a special item that triggers the bonus called FORTUNE, you've got 0 as well as 00, WILD, and many more.

Click on the green button in the middle to spin the slots, and if you get multiple lines of identical items, you will multiply the sum of money you've bet, and we hope that you keep on doing that, instead of losing the money you've bet.

It is that simple, so now that you have gotten used to the format, there is nothing left to do than to start gambling and having fun!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.