Jackpot Rango

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What is Jackpot Rango?

Jackpot Rango

We love it when slots games online get to crossover with major motion pictures of various kinds, especially animated ones, just like it is the case right now, when the classic animated movie called Rango, which follows the adventures of a cowboy lizard has now been the inspiration of a slot machine that you get to play with on our website!

Play slots with Rango and try to get the jackpot!

Like in all the slots games, you will bet a sum of money and then spin the machine, and if you land multiple items of the same kind in a row, you have made a line, and the better and bigger the line, the more money you get in return, but you can also lose the money bet if you've not gotten a line in return.

Try to earn more money than you lose, but even if you do lose it, it's all virtual and fake, don't worry! There are bonus items and slots as well, which either activate bonuses, or you get free spins that cost you no money to play them. Of course, this is a  game about luck, so we wish you all good luck right now, before you start playing this game immediately!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.