Banana Jones

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What is Banana Jones?

Banana Jones

Banana Jones is without a doubt one of the more special slots games online from our website because this game gets combine with board games, something we have not seen before in this genre and in this category, but we wasted no time at all to share it with you after we discovered since we really want you to play only the best of the best games!

Get bananas and money in the jungle with the monkey named Jones!

You will start off each round by choosing how much money you bet, and then you will throw dice, with the dice numbers showing how many spots you advance through the jungle. Depending on where you land you can collect diamonds and they multiple your money automatically, or you can land on nothing, and you lose the money you've bet.

There is also a third option, and that is landing on various luck games, such as one of the first one which is a spin the wheel game where your bet is multiplied depending on the number you land on the wheel. This makes slots games and gambling games even more fun, interactive, and this will feel like an adventure, so we really hope you start the game right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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