Angelo Soccer Tournament

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What is Angelo Soccer Tournament?

Angelo Soccer Tournament

Did you know that Angelo loves soccer? Do you love playing football too? Well, then this is a match made in heavens, because right at this moment on our website you all get to have an incredible amount of fun with the game called Angelo Soccer Tournament, where you are playing soccer with this character you probably love a lot, because otherwise, why would you be in his category?

Show off your soccer skills with Angelo, right now!

First of all, know that soccer in this game is played a bit differently from the real-life one, although your goal remains the same, which is to score more goals than your opponent before the soccer match ends.

You will pick a soccer match to take part in, and then control the pins of your character, which you throw around the pitch using the mouse so that you hit the ball with it.

You and your opponent (controlled by the computer), take turns in moving the three pins around the board, so try to be as skilful as possible to score those goals first.

We are sure that you will have plenty of fun from start to finish, so trying out this game right now is something we believe you should be considered, otherwise, you are missing out on a lot, believe us!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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