Odd Squad Cases

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What is Odd Squad Cases?

Odd Squad Cases

Welcome all to yet another brand new adventure filled with lessons and knowledge to be gained, and this is only possible in our new and fantastic category of Odd Squad Games, where we're delighted to share new games with you today as well when you are all invited to check out the cool new addition of Odd Squad Cases!

Solve all the cases that the Odd Squad brings forward for you since they believe in you!

Many cases have landed on the desks of agents in the Odd Squad, and there is a frenzy at the base to solve as many of them as possible, which is why you were entrusted with lots of them right now, and are invited to solve them!

For example, one of the cases is to search for a missing creature, and one of the things you will do to achieve that is going to the park, where you have to group pizzas in pairs of two, using a device called the pairinator.

Go everywhere else you are sent by your leaders, use awesome gadgets to solve the tasks, and this will teach you various things about maths, logic, and you will get better at problem-solving.

Let the fun begin right away, as only here is possible, and make sure to invite all your friends who did not know about the series here as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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