Raging Knights

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What is Raging Knights?

Raging Knights

Raging Knights is the latest addition of our website into the category of My Knight and Me Games, which is without a doubt a category you've not seen around in quite a while, so precisely for that reason, we were very excited to share it with you, since you're about to have a fresh experience with these characters, unlike you've ever had before!

Run, jump, and defeat the monsters at the end!

The three knights are running forward automatically, and you use the L key to make them jump, having to do so in order to avoid falling into the pits, but also to grab diamonds from the course and increase your score with them. Try to get a big score and advance a big distance without losing all your three lives, because you then lose.

You can switch the order of the three knights, something you do by pressing the A, S, D keys to decide who goes in front, and when you encounter cyclops, witches, dragons, and other monsters and enemies, attack them by pressing the K key, simple as that.

Keep running through the kingdom, gaining treasures, and beating enemies, and don't hesitate to play other games in this or any of our categories, you are in for lots of fun!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.