Kratts Brothers Wild Running

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What is Kratts Brothers Wild Running?

Kratts Brothers Wild Running

Our category of Wild Kratts Games online has been really well received by our visitors ever since its inception, which is why we never miss a beat when it comes to sharing brand new games into it for you all, just like we are doing at this moment when we are excited to share with you the game called Kratts Brothers Wild Running.

Run, fly, and explore the jungle with the Kratts brothers!

The two brothers are testing various power suits through the jungle, where you have to either run or fly, something that you do with the mouse. For the running levels, simply tap on the screen when you want to make the jumps, and for the flying ones, tap and hold the left mouse button to ascend, and release it to descend.

Make sure to avoid bumping into rocks, hitting obstacles, or going too high, or falling to the ground, because you then lose. Instead, advance all the way to the end of the levels, and along the way, we hope that you are going to collect all the orbs, or at least as many of them as possible, and get a big score in return.

We wish you all good luck, tons of fun as only here you can have, and hope to see more of you here today since we're never out of new and awesome games to share with you!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.