Paper Plane World Record

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Paper Plane World Record
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What is Paper Plane World Record?

Paper Plane World Record

Angelo always goes big, and never goes home, so even when he is playing around with a paper plane, he is still trying to break the world record with it, something that you are going to help him out with right now and here, when we hope that each and every one of you will try out this awesome new skill game called Paper Plane World Record!

Fly the paper plane as further as possible!

Your run and flight really depend on how you start it, because you will have a power meter that goes up and down, and you should tap on the screen at the same moment as the arrow hits the center of the screen so that you get the most power out of your throw.

Then, use the mouse to ascend and descend by alternating between clicking and releasing the left mouse button. Now, what you also do on the course is fly through balloons to pop them, avoid red and dangerous obstacles, and if you can grab power-ups, do it!

After each flight, depending on how well you did, you can earn various upgrades and power-ups that you can buy from the menu you see there, and we recommend doing it, to make your experience even better!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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