King Julien Snaps the Crown

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What is King Julien Snaps the Crown?

King Julien Snaps the Crown

Julien sees himself as the king of the jungle, hence the name of the show and games based around this awesome Madagascar spin-off, and we're very happy that right at this moment we get to bring you more awesome games from the category, just like we are doing right now with King Julien Snaps the Crown.

Help Julien get the treasures, and, finally, the crown!

To reach the crown, Julien first needs your help to go on an adventure through the jungle, where he has to face enemies, traps, obstacles, and other dangers, but he will be able to get past them if you are here to play the game and help him out!

First of all, know that as you venture through the jungle, if you want to increase your score, you should definitely look out for coins and fruits in order to collect them, since that is how you improve your score.

Jump over the obstacles and pits you encounter, and when you need to reach higher, jump from wall to wall to do so. Jumping is easily done by tapping the mouse, as the running is done automatically by Julien.

Avoid the spikes, traps, and wild animals, since bumping into any of these stops you in your tracks right there, and you have to start again, which we are sure no one who wants to win wants to happen. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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