Trollhunters in the Hero Forge

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What is Trollhunters in the Hero Forge?

Trollhunters in the Hero Forge

Before you can become a full-fledged troll hunter, you now have to take on the last challenge, which is to take on the obstacle course filled with dangers known as the Hero Forge, and it's not named that randomly, since it is the place where many heroes were forged over the years, and we're sure that you will be the best next one!

Are you brave enough to tackle the hero forge?

For starters, know that your hero runs forward automatically, with you having to use the up arrow key to jump over obstacles, such as the pits in the ground, or press the down arrow key to slide underneath them, something that happens when you've got obstacles that come from the ceiling.

Try to advance like that for a distance as big as possible, since that is how you improve your score, but know that you can easily lose if you bump into the various monsters and creatures and do not attack them. You can attack and defeat them by swinging the sword at them, something that you do when you tap on the screen, simple as that!

Good luck to you all, we hope that just like us, you enjoy this game to its fullest, and we definitely hope to see you around some more, since only we offer the best games on the internet, day after day!

How to play?

Use the mouse, arrow keys.

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