Vortex in Space

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Vortex in Space
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What is Vortex in Space?

Vortex in Space

Vortex in Space is the first game from a series of Super Toy Club Games online that we plan to share with you here on our website, and even if you're part of a country where this show does not air, worry not, because if you love action, robots, and adventures to be had, this game is going to be for you, and so will be the subsequent ones.

Fly through the spaceship with your robot!

Tap and hold the left mouse button when you want to activate your robot's thrusters and fly upwards, while you should release the left mouse button when you want to descend.

Alternate between these in order to fly and collect as many coins as possible as you fly through the spaceship, while making sure not to hit asteroids, boxes, or any other obstacles and traps you find along the way.

Those are the simple rules of the game, and now that you are familiar with them, nothing should stop you from giving the game a go right now, give it your best, and see for yourself how much fun it really is!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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