Subway Surfers Seoul

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What is Subway Surfers Seoul?

Subway Surfers Seoul

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, one of the most popular countries in all of Asia, is the newest city that you are going to explore through our category of Subway Surfers Games online, because the World Tour series is not done yet, and if you loved surfing through all the other cities, you're surely also going to love this new game: Subway Surfers Seoul!

Challenge the city of Seoul in a brand new Subway Surfers experience!

As you are being chased on the tracks of the city's big metro system, you have to avoid the various obstacles along the way, including trains, roadblocks, and many others, because the more distance you make, the bigger your score, and if you hit into the obstacles too many times, the police officer catches you, and you lose.

To duck the obstacles you press the right and left arrows to go into any direction of the two, press up to jump, and press the down arrow key to slide underneath them. As you advance through the tracks, you should also try catching and collecting as many coins as possible, using them later to buy upgrades, skins, or lots of cool stuff.

Good luck to you all, we wish you the best, as we do with all this category's games, and we hope to see you around some more because the fun never stops here!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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