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Pop It Fidget NOW

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Pop It Fidget NOW
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Pop It Fidget NOW Overview


Recently, pop it games online have become more and more popular, which is why we are delighted that right at this moment we get to share with you all a brand new game called Pop It Fidget NOW, so, if you've loved all the previous games in this vein we had here, there is no doubt in our minds that you will love this one too!

Pop all the things to have fun fidgeting, even online!

In this game you have multiple levels, in each one popping something different, unlocking each new thing after popping the one before it first. Among the shapes, you have squares, circles, triangles, hearts, stars, unicorns, umbrellas, ice cream, cars, and many other things.

To finish popping all of the shapes, simply tap with the mouse on all the bubbles in them, and when they are all popped, you can advance to the next level, where you do the same, with a brand new shape this time.

Don't let fun wait on you even for a second, hit the play button right now, and if you have friends who also fidget a lot, why not share this game with them as well, and have fun together?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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