Agent Check-Up

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What is Agent Check-Up?

Agent Check-Up

The many missions that the Odd Squad goes on can have quite the physical and mental toll on the young agents, which is why they regularly go to the doctor's for check-ups, just like they are doing right now and here with this awesome new game called Agent Check-Up, where you get the awesome chance of being the doctor that checks them up, which can only mean that you will learn more about the human body and biology in general!

Give the Odd Squad agents their regular check-ups, and play doctor, right now!

Each of your patients will come and show you as well as tell you their symptoms, with the voice-over giving you more details that will help you to play the game.

Then, you will receive various medical instruments that you have to use to properly diagnose the agent, and then use another set of tools to deal with their problem and heal them.

Use the mouse to interact with all the medical equipment, and if you follow the on-screen instructions clearly, and do all the procedures right, in no time at all, your patient will be healed, and they can return to the field.

It's that simple, so start the fun right now and here, and we hope to see more of you day after day, not missing any of the great games we've got in store!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.