Dynamite Academy

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What is Dynamite Academy?

Dynamite Academy

Welcome all of you to Dynamite Academy, which is the first game to have been added by our talented team over to the Woozle Goozle Games category, which is the latest category of games to have been created on our website, a page where you are going to have lots and lots of fun right now, from start to finish, as only here is possible, so we hope you don't miss out on this chance for anything in the world!

Learn how to use dynamite and TNT with your favorite blue puppet!

In each level of the game you have wooden, ice, or other material buildings in front of you, and those structures need to be blown up to pieces in order for you to pass a level, and to achieve that you are going to use dynamite.

With the mouse, you pick the available dynamite, and then move it over in the structure and place it where you think it will cause more destruction. Then, tap on the red button to blow everything up.

If in one try you manage you blow up the whole target building, you clear the level and advance and make sure not to use up all the dynamite without finishing the project, or you lose.

Good luck we want to wish all of you, a ton of fun with this interactive puzzle game, and we hope to see more of you here, where fun never stops!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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