On the Go Adventure

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What is On the Go Adventure?

On the Go Adventure

The fun has only just begun when it comes to our category of Woozle Gozzle Games, where our team is very excited that right at this moment it can offer everyone up a brand new game such as On the Go Adventure, where you get to join this puppet in creating your own vehicles and exploring all sorts of parts in the world!

Join Woozle on an all-around-the-globe adventure!

The first area you visit in the jungle, then you go in the ocean, the Antarctic, and, finally, through the desert, and for each of these courses you first have to build a vehicle to ride them on. This is obvious, as you need different cars for the sand, ice, and dirt, and you can't drive into the sea, but you need a submarine.

The creation of the correct vehicle means you get the chance to reach the destination you want, and there you play a certain mini-game that is adapted to the environment. For example, in the jungle, you have to use the mouse to cut the leaves that hang the coconuts, making them fall into your machine while getting past any obstacles.

Similar physics games are also going to appear in the other locations and other levels, and fun is guaranteed from start to finish, which is why we hope you start right now!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.