Woozle Machine

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What is Woozle Machine?

Woozle Machine

Together with Woozle, the blue puppet, you can always both have fun and learn various lessons at the same time because his games are always awesome brain teasers to have, which is why our administrative team right now is delighted to share with you his latest one: Woozle Machine!

Build the perfect machine with Woozle!

Well, in this game your goal is to make the machine work so that the ball that falls from it hits all the three stars on the building, and, after that, it reaches the bucket at the bottom, which is when you will have completed the level.

To do that, your purpose in the game is to complete the machine with the missing parts, placing them where they are supposed to go. You pick them from the bottom of the screen and then place them in the machine where you think they fit.

You then hit the play button to see the balls drop, and if you have arranged all the items correctly, the ball will go where you want it to go. In addition to pipes, you can also place boards and other interesting items.

Of course, this is like solving puzzles, meaning that each new puzzle will be more difficult than the one before it, but that also makes it more fun and challenging. Give this your best, as only here is possible!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.