Paper.Io 3

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What is Paper.Io 3?

Paper.Io 3

Paper.Io Games are always going to remain some of the most popular in-browser multiplayer games on the internet, which is why we never miss the beat in offering you new games from this series, just like we are happy to do today and right now when you're invited to play the third game in the series, chronologically: Paper.Io 3 Live!

Dominate the other players on the paper and overtake their territory!

You will control a block of color that you move around the white sheet of paper that is the map using the mouse, with the goal being to cover as much distance as possible with your color because the more of your color is filled up on the map, the more you climb up in the rankings, and we hope you are aiming for the top spot!

Go over the territory of players that are smaller than you, and take over them and kill them, but be careful of players bigger than you, since they will try to do the very same thing towards yourself. You always have to be on the move and never give up, as that is the key to winning, something we wish you all the best towards, right now!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.