Ibiza Pool Party

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Ibiza Pool Party
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What is Ibiza Pool Party?

Ibiza Pool Party

Ibiza is one of the hottest destinations for celebrities to visit during their summer, and pool parties happen there all the time, and since some of your favorite princesses from Disney also get to go at once, you are invited to help them dress up for it and look as amazing as possible, all in this great new game for girls called Ibiza Pool Party!

Get the princesses ready for their awesome pool party in Ibiza!

Elsa and Ariel are the two princesses featured here, and they are really good friends who love to party together! You will go through three stages with each of them: body care, makeup, dress up.

In the first stage you apply and then wash off a cream face, you apply oil and a special rock treatment on their skin, and don't forget about important sunscreen!

In the makeup part, you get to apply eye-shadow, eye-liner, lipstick, as well as blush, and for each of them, there will be various colors made available to you!

Finally, pick the perfect bikini outfit for the pool party, a hairstyle you think suits each princess the best, and throw in some accessories as well to elevate the look further. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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