Barbie's Cake Tower

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Barbie's Cake Tower
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What is Barbie's Cake Tower?

Barbie's Cake Tower

If tower building games are something that you really enjoy playing, then you will be really glad to see that there is a brand new game like that for you to play which has just been added for our visitors, a cool new game called Barbie's Cake Tower, and what it is so awesome about it is that it is a game you play with Barbie, and one where you build a tower out of cakes!

Build the biggest tower of cake together with Barbie, right now!

The different pieces of the tower are going to come towards the middle with a long claw, one that moves the left and right, and you have to tap on the screen to make the pieces fall on top of each other, and this way build a tower that is really big, which in turn will also increase your score very much.

Be careful about your timing and when you let the cakes drop because even if one of them does not hit their targets and falls down, you lose the game there and then. At some points, you can also use various upgrades and bonus powers, which you activate by clicking on the three buttons to your right.

Now that you've seen how simple this game is, start it right now, and have fun as it is possible only on our website, where fun never stops!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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