Slugterra Candy Shooter

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What is Slugterra Candy Shooter?

Slugterra Candy Shooter

Slugterra Games is already a really popular page here on our website, so there was no chance that the members of our team would miss out on the chance to bring you to brand new and awesome games into it as often as possible, which is why right now you're invited to enjoy to the fullest the game called Slugterra Candy Shooter, the first bubble shooter game of its kind in the series!

Shoot the candy with the Slugerra crew!

This is a bubble shooting game online, but instead of bubbles you will have candy of different colors, but your goal remains the same, which is to shoot them all down, eliminate all the candy and get points in return.

This is done using the mouse, as you aim and shoot with candy from the bottom towards those at the top, and if you hit groups of three or more identical candy, or create them, they get cleared from the screen.

Keep doing that until there is no more candy to shoot. This goes for the Classic Game, but if you play the Arcade Game, slowly the candy is descending towards the bottom, so make sure not to let them fully drop. That is a no-no in the classic game also, so avoid stacking down!

We hope that you garner a big score, do a great job, and have fun as it is possible only on our website, where fun never stops!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.