Purple Panda's Space Bop

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What is Purple Panda's Space Bop?

Purple Panda's Space Bop

The mother of Purple Panda from Donkey Hodie is living on another planet, the Purple Planet, and in this new game offered by us into this category, a game called Purple Panda's Space Bop, you get the amazing chance of visiting that planet, with your main goal being to help Panda fly his spaceship all the way there!

Fly the spaceship with Purple Panda!

The spaceship of our panda has a total of four controls that you need to use, and they are, you guessed it, the arrow keys. For each button, lever, or other control on the board, there is a corresponding arrow key, and you will be shown them at the start of the flight.

When one of the controls is highlighted, a bar appears, and it will slowly decrease, which means that you have to press that corresponding arrow key before the bar depletes completely, and when you achieve that, you will get more speed, and advance further through space!

Watch the map as you progress through space, and look through the windows of the spaceship to learn more about the various planets and space objects you are going to pass on your long and awesome journey!

Let your space adventure start right now, and don't hesitate to invite your friends to play this or any other games with Donkey Hodie on our website as well!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys.