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CraftTower Overview


When you play games with towers online on our website, you usually have the purpose of building them, but today we are offering you all something a bit different, since CraftTower is a game where you climb a tower that is already built, and the fact that this is also one of our newest Minecraft Games online will only make the experience even better, as this always does!

Climb the Minecraft tower with Steve!

The tower will have ledges on the right and left sides of it, with you having to press the right and left arrow keys in order to climb on them, and this way, the more ledges you climb along with the tower, the bigger your score becomes.

Now, you should definitely not press the wrong key, because you then fall into the abyss, but that also happens if you stay on one ledge too much, since it quickly gets destroyed, and you will fall again.

Instead, focus, move fast from one ledge to another and give it your best to reach as closer to the top as possible. Good luck to you all, and we definitely hope that this is far from the last Minecraft game you play today on our website!

How to play?

Use the right and left arrow keys.

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