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What is Dust


Here on our website, we continue to bring you some of the best new multiplayer io games online on the internet, and this is something that we plan to do as often as possible, just like we've done today when our administrative team invites you all to have fun with the game called Dust, a 3d game with a format that we're sure you will love!

Dust things away and become the biggest vacuum cleaner in the room!

You will use the mouse to control your duster, with which you move through the room and suck up as many things as possible, starting off with small items, and then, as you level up, your size gets bigger, and the size of things you can eat up also increases.

Of course, this means that the bigger you are, and the bigger items you eat, the more points you get, and this is very good since it allows you to climb the leaderboard, with us hoping that you will strive to reach its top!

It's a game similar to Hole.Io, but even more fun and quite funny as well, a game we hope to see you start right now, and enjoy as it is possible only here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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