Drift Race 3D

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What is Drift Race 3D?

Drift Race 3D

Car drifting games online are always going to be fan-favorites here on our website, where so many boys visit day after day, so we are very excited that right at this moment we could share with you all a brand new game like that, a 3d game that is also playable on mobile devices, one that is called Drift Race 3D, which we would recommend to any of our visitors!

Drift your way through the levels and win all the races!

On the course that you are driving each level, you will race against another car, but the main goal you have is to reach and cross the finish line, but if you beat the computer's car, you get extra points.

As the car drives forward by itself, tap and hold the left mouse button, or hold the finger on the screen in order to make the turns, and make sure not to fall from the track, because you then lose.

The levels get progressively harder as you keep on going, but know that you also have an endless mode you can try, where you will give your best to keep driving and drifting for as long as possible. Good luck, enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.