Vivo Jigsaw Puzzle

Vivo Jigsaw Puzzle

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Vivo Jigsaw Puzzle
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Vivo Jigsaw Puzzle Overview


Vivo is a new animated movie from 2021 that recently got released on Netflix and had been popular among kids from all over the world since it is an amazing musical adventure featuring locations all over the world, lovely human and animal characters, and, of course, incredible songs by one of the most popular composers at the moment, Lin-Manuel Miranda. You can now see vibrant pictures from this movie by solving puzzles of them, something we teach you more about right now and here!

Solve the jigsaws with VIVO to have an incredible time!

Only the first six images are unlocked at the beginning of the game, but if you solve those puzzles you will unlock the latter six ones, and we definitely recommend having the complete experience by solving all twelve puzzles.

Pick an image, and then choose between the easy, medium, and hard levels of difficulty, having a different number of jigsaw pieces depending on the level you've chosen.

After the pieces have been spread around the screen, grab them with the mouse, and using their shape and image, figure out how they come together, and link them until the image is complete.

It is all that simple, so we hope to see you let the fun begin right now, as only on our website it is possible to have it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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