Funny's Funhouse Mania

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Funny's Funhouse Mania
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What is Funny's Funhouse Mania?

Funny's Funhouse Mania

Mickey Mouse and his Disney Junior friends are always ready for more fun to be had together with you all, which is the reason why today, right at this moment, you are all invited to have incredible amounts of fun with the game called Funny's Funhouse Mania, definitely a game we highly recommend, because we've already had fun with it ourselves, so now we will show you how to play it!

Explore Mickey's Funhouse and have incredible amounts of fun!

The house has multiple rooms, and in each one, you visit you will play a different kind of game:

  • Majestica is the first one, and here you have to bounce Farfus the dragon on the bed using the mouse, collect pies from the air to get points in return, and other foods which act as power-ups and help you do even better.
  • In the Underwater Ocean room, you have to keep Goofy safe by tapping the critters using your mouse.
  • Next up is the door known as Winter Mountain, where you will roll down the hill to make a big snowball, tapping to change lanes and avoid obstacles, but also collect snowballs to get bigger and increase your score.
  • In the Decorator room, decorate the room with objects, furniture, decorations, however, you want to, and put in your favorite characters as well.
  • Finally, there is the Wiggle Giggle room, where you will see very funny clips of Mickey and Friends!

Having lots of fun and laughing with Mickey Mouse and his many friends has never been easier, so we invite you to start it right now, and then maybe share this game with your friends too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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