Wish Dragon Jigsaw

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Wish Dragon Jigsaw
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What is Wish Dragon Jigsaw?

Wish Dragon Jigsaw

Din is a teen who wants nothing more than to reconnect with his best childhood friend, a girl he realized he was in love with, and then one day he might get his wish granted because a magical dragon appears, a dragon that grants wishes, so from that day on, he embarks on quite the magical adventure.

You can now play Wish Dragon Jigsaw online on our website, where you solve puzzles featuring images taken from this wonderful movie, something we teach you how to do right now and here!

Solve the jigsaws with Wish Dragon, for the ultimate experience!

You start off with only six of the twelve puzzles being available for you to solve, but as you continue to solve them, you get to unlock the others as well. Pick in which level of difficulty you want to solve them, and depending on your choice you have more or fewer jigsaw pieces in the puzzle.

Pick up the pieces using the mouse, after they have been spread around, and place them together by noticing their shape and image, and when they form a complete picture together, the level will be cleared. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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