Save The Guy

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What is Save The Guy?

Save The Guy

On our website, you will always be able to find some of the coolest interactive puzzle games online, something that we intend to prove to you right now as well, as our administrative team invites you all to check out the game called Save The Guy, a 3d puzzle game where a guy is hanging by a thread, and only you can save him!

Solve the puzzles to save the guy, he needs you!

Each element that is interactable within this game will have an 'X beside it, so click on it when you want to cut the rope, move the ledge, or activate any kind of element that you see.

Of course, it is not that simple, since you have to figure out the correct way to chain the clicks and trigger the sequence so that the man does not fall into the spikes or any other traps that might appear.

If he lands safely and goes through the exit, the level will have been cleared, and you advance to the next one, where a more difficult puzzle awaits you, but that challenge is what makes the game fun.

Start now, and make sure to stick with us today, since we've got more fun coming, just for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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