Pin Water Rescue

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What is Pin Water Rescue?

Pin Water Rescue

Puzzle games with pins have been some of the most fun and most popular logic games online that the internet has made trendy recently, and we are always very excited to share brand new ones with you as often as possible, just like we are doing right at this moment when you are all invited to check out Pin Water Rescue!

Pull the pins, drop the water, and save the lady!

There is a lady in this game that needs your help with various rescue missions, such as in the first level, where you have to pour water on her burning house, putting the fire out and making sure that the water does not drop on the girl instead. Prevent that from happening in each level, because if she drowns, you lose.

To achieve this, you need to figure out the correct way to pull the pins, so that in the structure in front of you, you will manage to direct the water through the pathways all the way to the burning house, instead of the lady, getting diamonds in return, getting more of them the better you perform.

Good luck, enjoy, and make sure to stick around since it would be a shame for you not to check out other cool new games of the day still on their way!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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