Space Academy

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What is Space Academy?

Space Academy

Elliott, the main character from Cartoon Network's Elliott from Earth, has finally managed to enroll into the Space Academy, a place he had wanted to go for a long time now, and if you play the game with the same name right now and here, you have the amazing chance of taking the classes yourself as well, even from Earth!

Come learn and have adventures at Space Academy!

The game is structured in multiple mini-games, with you having to finish the first one to unlock the second, and so forth until you've finished all the games, and they are:

  • Meteor Hunter
  • Space Cook
  • Starship Pilot
  • Alien Spotter
  • The Final Challenge
  • Get Your Diploma

As for the first game, Meteor Hunter, what you have to do in it is shoot at the meteors that are hovering and coming towards your spaceship, having to take all of them down until the timer finishes, and if you've survived, you won, and we hope that along the way you have gotten lots of points.

We will let you discover all the other fun this game has to offer by yourself, and we hope to see more of you, since new games are still on their way, just for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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