YooHoo to the Rescue Jigsaw

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YooHoo to the Rescue Jigsaw
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What is YooHoo to the Rescue Jigsaw?

YooHoo to the Rescue Jigsaw

YooHoo to the Rescue is the name of quite a popular animated show that kids have been streaming on Netflix quite a lot ever since it was released not too long ago, which features on YooHoo, a primate from the galago family that goes around the globe to search for other animals that need his help, sprinting into action to help them with whatever they would need.

Well, you can now play our first-ever game based around this animated series, a puzzle game that features lots of images taken from the show, making it perfect for both fans and newcomers!

Solve the YooHoo jigsaws online for the most fun time ever!

The puzzles can be solved in the easy, medium, or hard levels of difficulty, it is totally up to you, with them having a different number of pieces for each, so start with the ones you feel most comfortable with.

Watch for the shapes of the pieces as well as their image, and figure out how they fit with one another, picking up the puzzle pieces and putting them together to form the complete jigsaw.

You start off with six available puzzles, and completing them will unlock the other six, for a total of twelve really fun jigsaws waiting for you to enjoy them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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