Oddstacle Course

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What is Oddstacle Course?

Oddstacle Course

We don't think that obstacle course games online had been added before into our category of Odd Squad Games online, so of course, we would be excited at such an opportunity right now, when our administrative team invites you all to check out Oddstacle Course, certainly one of the best new games of the day you are going to play here for free!

Challenge the courses with the Odd Squad van!

This game is really awesome for all you wannabe travellers or geography buffs because this is a game that takes you through each continent of the world's map, starting off with Antarctica, and then unlocking one continent after another.

On the course, you use the right and left arrow keys to move in any of the two directions, and when you want to move up and down, use the same arrow keys.

You have to go up and down to collect the water droplets, droplets that when filling up the meter will unlock the van's jets, jets that will give you lots of power and speed to advance forward on the course.

Try finishing all the courses fast, as well as getting lots of points, collecting the stars, and moving past any kinds of obstacles and traps you might encounter. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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