Way of the House Husband Jigsaw

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What is Way of the House Husband Jigsaw?

Way of the House Husband Jigsaw

Way of the House Husband is one of the most popular anime series currently streaming on Netflix, an anime series about an ex-mafia man from Japan who leaves the life of crime behind, and becomes a husband after he finds love. Of course, the comedy ensues when you see this gangster try to do things like laundry, shopping, or interacting with normal people, as it is quite hard for him to leave bad habits behind.

Solve the puzzles with Way of the House Husband, right now!

This game will have six of the twelve puzzles already available for you to solve, and if you solve those, you will be able to unlock the other six, and keep having fun even more! For each puzzle, you can pick between the easy, medium, or hard levels of difficulty, and depending on your choice you have more or fewer jigsaw pieces.

You see the complete puzzle for a few seconds, after which its pieces are randomly spread on the screen, so you will use the mouse to pick them up and put them all together until the image is complete, and the puzzle will have been solved. It's all that simple, so start the fun right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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