Cannon Ball + Pop It Fidget

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Cannon Ball + Pop It Fidget
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What is Cannon Ball + Pop It Fidget?

Cannon Ball + Pop It Fidget

There is nothing more popular right now than Pop Its, which is why we always make sure to bring new pop it games online as often as possible, even more so when these games are of high quality, just like it is happening right at this moment, when we are delighted to share with you the game called Cannon Ball + Pop It Fidget!

Throw the cannonballs to earn the right to pop the fidgets!

Each level of the game is structured in the format of an Angry Birds game, meaning that you have to shoot a cannon ball towards the pop on the other side, and only if you knock them all down and destroy them, you will unlock that shape.

You can then go to the main menu, pick that pop it fidget, and then use the mouse to pop it. Do this level after level, unlocking as many of the pop as possible, until you clear all the levels, and get the most out of the game.

Also try shooting the balls through the stars in each level, so that you get some extra points as well. It's a friv game with skill, fun levels, and one that you can also play on mobile devices, so for anything in the world you should not miss out on it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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