Popit vs Spinner

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What is Popit vs Spinner?

Popit vs Spinner

The two most popular fidgeting toys of the last few years are now coming head to head in a battle of fun and friv with the latest game added on our website right now, a free and awesome game that you can also play on mobile devices, and which is called Popit vs Spinner. Allow us to teach you what to do and how in it, so you can begin fidgeting right now!

Pop it, and then spin it!

On the screen, you will see multiple bubbles in various colors, and you need to find groups of at least two bubbles of the same kind that are next to one another, with the goal of clicking on them to make them pop and disappear, which in turn gives you points.

This is not everything that you get, because you will also be able to unlock fidget spinners after which you get to spin them around, using the mouse to do it, so try to get them to spin as much as possible to get even more points.

It's not every day you get to find and enjoy friv games online as awesome as this one, so try it right now, and make sure to tell all your fidgeting friends about it too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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