Subway Surfers Tokyo

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What is Subway Surfers Tokyo?

Subway Surfers Tokyo

Tokyo is without a doubt one of the most famous, and vibrant cities in the entire world, and the capital of Japan is the newest land you are going to visit through the Subway Surfers World Tour Games series, as right now we are delighted to invite you all to have tons of fun with Subway Surfers Tokyo!

Explore the city of Tokyo by surfing its subway system!

You will use the arrow keys to move sideways, jump, as well as slide, actions that you need to take in order to avoid the various obstacles in the subway tracks, such as the trains, the roadblocks, and anything else you encounter, because the bigger distance you make, the better your progress and achievements.

As you proceed, try to avoid bumping into obstacles too many times, because you will lose if that happens, but also give it your best to collect as many coins as you can, because the more coins you will have made, the better, and you can also use them to unlock new skins to use for your characters.

It's that simple, so after reading this, even if you're new to the series, you will be able to give this game your best, and enjoy it to the max!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys.