Emerald And Amber

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What is Emerald And Amber?

Emerald And Amber

We always love to bring the visitors of our website brand new platform-adventure games online of the highest quality, which is the reason why right at this moment our administrative team has brought over for you the game called Emerald And Amber, which is an adventure game about love, and how it can conquer any hardships!

Help Emerald and Amber get together!

Emerald is the green blob that you are going to control, with the goal of helping it reach Amber, the orange blob, because they are boyfriend and girlfriend, and there is a land of ice, obstacles, and traps sitting between them. Once the two characters have come together, you will have cleared the level.

You will use the arrow keys to move and jump, having to use various ice blocks, moving platforms, and the like in order to advance higher, go lower, or advance from one platform to another, all with the goal of reuniting the characters. Of course, don't lose the level by falling into the traps or hitting the obstacles too many times.

Each new level has a more difficult stage than the one before it, but with enough focus, we are sure that none of them will pose a problem, but instead, you will do your very best!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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