Moletown Chase

Moletown Chase

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Moletown Chase
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Moletown Chase Overview


Moletown Chase is the first of many Moley Games online that you will be playing on our website very often, as this television short film has been popular enough that now we have a full-on animated series based around it, so we are very happy that the first game based around it is nowhere, waiting for you to enjoy it to the fullest!

Dig and follow the magic book through the underground!

As his name suggests, Moley is a mole, and they live in the underground, digging galleries from one place to another, which is what you will do here as well, in order to search for various items that Manny, the magical book, wants from there. For example, in the first level, you have mushrooms, but there will be other things down the line.

As you dig the tunnels, tap anywhere you want to change direction towards, collect the requested item, as many of them as possible to get a big score, but also try finding and grabbing crystals for extra points. If you want to boost through the obstacles you encounter, eat food that you find, and you will immediately get the energy you need.

Your subterranean adventure with Moley begins right now, if you give it a chance, something we hope you start right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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