Skate Rush Challenge

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What is Skate Rush Challenge?

Skate Rush Challenge

Kick Buttowski is a name we haven't heard about in quite a long while, so imagine our excitement that he would be featured in one of the latest skateboarding games online on our website, as our team is delighted to right now share with you Skate Rush Challenge, a skateboarding game we would hope you play even if you've never watched this Disney XD show, since it is still a ton of fun to be had!

Help Kick complete all the skateboarding challenges!

In locations such as his school for starters, but other ones down the line, Kick will be riding his skateboard through the obstacle course, so you will have to tap on the screen to make him jump over the obstacles, ramps, spikes, and other kinds of traps and things in his path, advancing until you reach the end of the said course.

Along the way, also try collecting as many gems as possible, since you can use them in the shop to acquire brand new skins, and look out for various power-ups and bonuses as well, since there is no doubt in our mind that they are going to come in handy, and you will be able to tackle the courses no matter how difficult they are.

Good luck in your upcoming skateboard adventure, and make sure to stick around for all the other fun still to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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