Domino Battle

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What is Domino Battle?

Domino Battle

We might have had domino games online added on our website before, but trust us when we say that you've not played any of them such as Domino Battle right here, which is a board game that is also a competition, unlike the original game, where you arrange the domino tiles in order to smash them down and create a really cool fall.

Do you have what it takes to win the battle of dominos?

The game is played until either player has no more dominos left in their hand, or they can't continue with their current set of tiles, which is called a block. You get seven tiles at the beginning of each round, and the one with the higher double starts. Win by being the first player to get 100 points.

When you are playing the blocked mode, you need to pass the move to the other player, and if they hand in the correct tile, you can continue again. In the draw mode, if a player can't make moves, you pick tiles from the boneyard, until you find a suitable one, and then continue on.

It's all that simple and fun, so start right now, and make sure to stick around to play even more awesome new games of the day!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.