Ropeman 3D

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Ropeman 3D
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What is Ropeman 3D?

Ropeman 3D

If you like playing action games 3d that are also mouse skills games at the same time, you are invited right now to have plenty of fun with Ropeman 3D, which is all that and much more at the same time, definitely tons of fun to be had by any and all who play it, which is why we highly recommend it!

Use the rope to defeat all your enemies!

In this game you act sort of like a superhero, one whose weapon is a rope that you extend using the mouse, so click towards the enemies, and then drag the mouse towards you to drag them away and eliminate them.

Your enemies are mainly hitmen in suits, so target them, but also things such as helicopters, and more powerful ones will appear down the road for you to defeat.

Be careful not to drag away civilians who are just walking by, since that kills them and makes you fail the level, but you should not avoid triggering various explosions too, since they cause destruction to the platforms and to your enemies.

It's all that simple and fun, and no matter how difficult the levels might get, we are sure that you will complete them with lots of focus and bravery, and we definitely hope to see more of you here today. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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