Milk Crate Challenge

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Milk Crate Challenge
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What is Milk Crate Challenge?

Milk Crate Challenge

Over the years, there have been many online games out there that have been inspired by real-life memes and viral moments, just like it is happening right now with the biggest TikTok viral moment, and that is the Milk Crate Challenge, which you will now be able to take part in virtually, making it the safest way for kids to enjoy the challenge!

Can you ascend and descend all the milk crates?!

Multiple crates are going to be arranged sort of like stairs, and you will have a stickman who you need to help first ascend the crates, reaching their top, and then slowly descend until you safely reach the bottom, because if you fall, you immediately lose.

You will use the mouse for this, grabbing each foot one by one, placing them over the crates, and keeping balance while you do it, something that you can see with the balance meter at the top of the screen.

Of course, you start off easy, but there are 30 levels in total for you to pass, each one more difficult than the one before, so try hard no matter how hard the challenge of milk crates is. Good luck!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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