Chip and Potato Coloring Book

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What is Chip and Potato Coloring Book?

Chip and Potato Coloring Book

Once again we are bringing you awesome new games for kids based around shows streaming on Netflix, which is why right at this moment we invite you all to play Chip and Potato Coloring Book, where you get to color the Chip and Potato characters, who come from a show focusing on these two main characters, Chip, a young pug, and her pet mouse, Potato, who have daily challenges that are helping them advance to the new stages of their lives!

Color Chip and Potato, as well as their other cartoon friends!

This game features a total of eight black and white pictures of these characters, and you get to pick in which order you want to color them, and we recommend going through all eight of them if you want to have the best experience out of the game!

To do the coloring, tap on the crayon and the color you want to use from the bottom of the screen, and then click and hold the left mouse button while moving it around the sheets to apply the colors.

You can also pick the size of the crayon, so that it is easier for you to do the painting, or you can use the eraser any time you want something redone or erased. Start having fun and being creative right now, as only here is possible to have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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