Pirate Defense

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What is Pirate Defense?

Pirate Defense

When it comes to tower defense games with strategy and action, our administrative team makes sure that only the highest-quality games get brought over into the category for this genre, mainly because we know how much of an abundance of these games are out there, so those who visit us want to make sure they get and play only the best, and today that is represented by Pirate Defense!

Defend your village from the nasty pirates attacking it!

Instead of levels, this game is structured into 'episodes', where your goal remains the same from one to another, and that is to protect the village from the waves of pirates attacking it.

As gangs of pirates advance on the paths, you will use the mouse to place archers, mallets, and other kinds of defensive towers, each with their own soldier, who attacks with their weapons when enemies are in range.

Don't let the pirates get past you, because if that happens, and you lose all the lives you have from that level, you will lose and have to start again.

Instead, do a great job defeating them, gaining diamonds and coins in return. Use the coins you earn to both upgrade the existing towers you have, making them more powerful, or acquire brand new ones to place along the paths.

We are sure that with focus and the best strategy, no pirate is going to go pat you, and in no time at all, you will have finished all the episodes, and pirates will never come back to your island. Have fun, enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.