Santiago of the Seas Word Blocks

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What is Santiago of the Seas Word Blocks?

Santiago of the Seas Word Blocks

Santiago and the Seas Games are now available on our website, ready to be played by all the many fans of this awesome new Nick Jr show featuring a cool band of young pirates exploring the seas for adventure, rescue missions, and treasure, who know how important it is for kids to know the alphabet, and how to make words and sentences, so they invite you all to learn more about that by playing Santiago of the Seas Word Blocks right now and here!

Eliminate blocks and create words with Santi and his pirate friends!

In front of you, there will be a board with multiple blocks, each one having letters on it. You are going to use the mouse to tap on the blocks and swipe across blocks that form a word when linked together.

Once you have managed to do that, the word that is correct is then eliminated, and, once you have cleared all the letters using this method of linking words, you will have been able to advance to the next level.

It's really all that simple, so we hope that you start having all the fun possible in the world right now and here, and maybe stick around for all the fun categories we still have to offer!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.